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When looking to buying a home in Langley, Surrey, White Rock, or anywhere else in the Fraser Valley, Vancouver or other city in BC, a pre-approval is often the first place to start. It helps determine one’s affordability of a potential mortgage and an idea of a price range in which to purchase a home.


A “pre-approval” is essentially a determination of your purchasing power of a home based mainly on your income & down payment.

In other words, if you are “pre-approved”, then that would mean that you will likely be approved for the stated maximum mortgage because your income demonstrates the ability to afford payments on that sum. This is where your Langley/Surrey mortgage broker comes in handy! 
It is important to note that a pre-approval is not an actual mortgage approval, as it only determines the borrower’s ability to afford payments on a principal amount of a mortgage and does not take into account all the necessary information that is needed to approve the mortgage itself.

I will advise you about the documentation (income confirmation, down payment confirmation, etc.) you’ll need to supply upon conditional approval of your mortgage. Any conditions must be met for your mortgage to be fully approved.

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