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Services provided by your Langley - Surrey - Lower Mainland Mortgage Broker

Services and type of mortgages

Ways that I can help you achieve your mortgage goals.

First time homebuyer

Ready to quit renting and start investing in yourself?

Refinancing your mortgage

Want to renovate? Pay off some debt? Buy an investment property? Pay for your kids tuition? Or something else? 

New to Canada

Are you new to Canada, really enjoying it and want to set down some roots? We don’t blame you!

Reverse Mortgages

Own your home and want to travel? Retire? Pay for some renovations? Or anything else? A reverse mortgage may be for you.


Before you jump in and make an offer, chat with someone who has your best interests at heart and can make sure that you are setup for a successful purchase.

Renewing your mortgage

Just because it may feel easier to stay with your current lender, doesn’t mean it makes the most sense.

Private Mortgages

You have the cash, but not the job security or the credit? Private may be for you! Is closing too fast for a traditional lender and you need a temporary cover?


Investment properties are a great way to invest your money in a long term, mostly secure platform. Become a landlord or buy a cabin on the lake – whatever tickles your fancy – there’s a mortgage for you.