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The number of Canadians wanting to buy a house is on the rise. That being said, the price of buying one is …

Spring is just around the corner and we have all the details to help you get prepared for the coming housing market! Plus, what you need to know about refinancing AND my top Spring cleaning tips.


With Family Day just around the corner, this month’s newsletter includes some great ideas for things to do with your family. Plus, some tips on what to look for during a home tour!

One of the most common mistakes homeowners and potential homeowners make is that they hear the word “insurance” and just assume they have it! Well, you might have one kind of insurance, but you might be missing coverage elsewhere.


Will a surtax on homes worth over $1M really help cool the market, or just make it more expensive for Canadians to own a detached house?

From the Pantone of the Year to help you spruce up your home, to housing market predictions and tips for improving your financial direction, let’s make 2022 your best year yet!

Despite concerns surrounding overheated activity, a Canadian housing crash is unlikely unless there’s a spike in mortgage rates or a significant tightening …


To help you make the most of these next few months, I have some great tips for you around the 7 steps for mortgage prep, what to know if you’re up for mortgage renewal and tips for maximizing your holiday budget!

By preparing yourself and understanding what is required during a mortgage application, you can improve your chances of acquiring the mortgage finance you need.


If you are struggling to make payments on your mortgage, and are looking for ways to lower payments, refinancing your home may be the answer.

post-renovation value of a home, even with as little as 5% down in Langley, Surrey and the rest of BC.

The mortgage process can be overwhelming. Knowing key mortgage and home buying terms can help reduce confusion and assist you in better understanding the process of buying a home.