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February 2022 Mortgage News

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Hello February!
With Family Day just around the corner, this month’s newsletter includes some great ideas for things to do with your family. Plus, some tips on what to look for during a home tour!

• What to Look for During a Home Tour
• Family Day Ideas!

What to Look for During a Home Tour
So! You think you’ve found your dream home, and you can’t wait to check it out in person. Before you go, here are a few things that are important to look out for during a home tour:
Odor: Unusual smells can indicate problems, especially mold or mildew issues.
Plumbing and Electrical: Check water pressure as well as electrical systems to ensure no eroded or exposed wires, properly functioning HVAC, sealed water heater, etc.
Noise: This is one that homebuyers can often overlook, but it is important to consider the noise within the house as well as how loud the street and neighbourhood are before committing to ensure they are suitable for you.
Home Layout: Whether or not the layout and function of the home suits your needs.
Number of Rooms: How many bathrooms and bedrooms does the house have? Is that amount suitable for your needs?
Wall and Flooring Condition: What is the condition of the walls and floors? Defects such as warping, cracks, watermarks, etc., can be indicative of larger issues.
Unpermitted Additions or Updates: On occasion, you might go to view a home that was listed as having 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, only to find that it actually has an extra bathroom! As great as this might be for your needs, you’ll want to double-check that the addition was permitted. Unpermitted construction can create major issues when it comes to insurance coverage and potential structural headaches if not done properly.

Remember, things like furniture, decor, wall or floor treatments, and hardware or other fixtures are easily updated and not important when viewing a home as they can be changed if the rest of the home suits your needs!
In addition to these items to keep an eye out for, there are also a few specific questions you should be asking your realtor, including: deadline for offers, number of offers that have been made, why the sellers are moving, any concerns they may have, whether or not there is a homeowner association with fees, and how old the home is.   

Family Day Ideas!

Family Day was first introduced in 1990 and is now a beloved celebration for several Canadian provinces, including: New Brunswick, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia!
Below are a few ways you can celebrate Family Day this year:
Cook a Meal Together: From making mini personalized pizzas to cooking up a brand-new recipe or baking something delicious, the kitchen is a great space for family time and making fun memories!
Build a Blanket Fort: With the winter chill not quite lifted yet, building a blanket fort is a great way to spend the day with your family and watch movies, share laughs and enjoy some yummy snacks!
Try an Online Exercise Class: Want to enjoy your family and get a little exercise while you’re at it? Try an online workout class! Not only is this a fun activity you can do with your kids from home, but it is a great way to teach them about health and start setting up healthy habits for life.
Do an In-Person OR Virtual Tour: Museums are a fun and different activity that families can do together whether in-person or online, as many museums now offer free virtual tours!
ZOOM with the Famjam: While you might not be able to have the entire family together, in person, we live in a digital world, which allows us to access the people we love at all times – no matter how far away they are! Call up your parents or grandparents, do an activity over the computer or have a story time session, or simply take a moment to ‘check-in’.

No matter how you spend it, I hope you have a wonderful Family Day and I wish you and yours the best to come.