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 Kerri Carter – Mortgage Mom

The best sub-mortgage broker in Langley – Surrey – Fraser Valley (and everywhere else in BC!)

I’m a new kind of mortgage broker, using terms you understand and treating you like a member of the family. When you’re my client – you come first.

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high ratio, less than 20% down, 25 year amortization


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Transparent & Honest

No hidden fees. No hidden details.
Everything out in the open, as it should be.

Clients First

I work for you, and I offer you the best rates & products that work for your lifestyle and goals. Have Questions?

Fast Pre-Approvals

Fast pre-approvals because I know that time matters.

It's never been easier to buy your first home, renew or refinance your mortgage.

Some of the ways I can help you

I have been helping people in Langley, Surrey and all across the lower mainland with their mortgage needs. I can help you too!

First Time Buyer

You've saved your pennies and are ready to jump in!


Your term is up and you're ready to renew your mortgage


Make your mortgage work for you


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Our app provides you with useful tools to help plan your mortgage. Whether it comes to determining your mortgage payments, affordability, income required to qualify or closing costs, our app has what you need.

Start planning your mortgage by downloading it today!

How Much Can You Afford?

  • Calculate your total cost of owning a home
  • Estimate the minimum down payment you need
  • Calculate the maximum loan you can borrow
  • Stress test your mortgage
  • Estimate your Closing costs

Even More Tools

  • Calculate Land transfer taxes and the available rebates
  • Search for the best mortgage rates
  • Compare your options side by side
  • Email Summary reports (PDF) 

What is your monthly cost?

Our Purchase Calculator doesn’t just stop at mortgages. We’ll take into account all your home ownership expenses.

Which option saves more?

Place two scenarios side by side and change as many variables as you like. Instantly calculate differences in interest, loan paid or time savings.

How much cash do you really need?

Our Closing Cost calculator has been developed with the consultations of thousands of professionals.

Just some of the outstanding lenders we work with in
Langley, Surrey, White Rock and the Fraser Valley
Kerri is an outstanding individual who always strives to help everyone she meets. She is patient as well as understanding, and will truly hear what you are looking for. She'll always be driven to exceed your expectations because of her desire to help people. I've known Kerri for 20 years and there isn't a single problem too small or too big for her heart, if she can't solve it immediately she will go out of her way to learn how and get back to you.
Dustin W
My mom just moved into her new house and was able to obtain a mortgage through Kerri Carter. Kerri continuously went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we were taken care of in the best possible way. Kerri provides the best service I have seen in the industry and goes the extra mile each and every time. She is now going to be working with my brother to help him with his mortgage and debt needs. I will hire her again and again! I cannot say enough about this amazing women. She is truly one of a kind and is highly recommend!!
Jeremy K
Kerri was absolutely the best choice for this job. She was incredibly knowledgeable, prompt, super responsive and went over and above what was required of her. She was always helpful and ensured she took the time to explain everything to us in a way we could understand. She sent us all the information we needed to make informed decisions and was incredibly fast with her replies when we had questions. She connected with our realtor and sent all required documents as soon as they were required. Kerri was pleasant, has a great sense of humour and made our transaction enjoyable. We would not hesitate to recommend Kerri to anyone!
Gary & Erin
We had an impossible mortgage situation due to the way the lender's perceived our employment (self employed and new job on a one year contract). Our previous attempts basically resulted in us being told there was very little chance of us getting a mortgage. Kerri told us right away she didn't think it would be an issue and not only found us lenders to work with but ultimately found us an A lender which we didn't think would be possible.
Cole F
Ready to learn more?
Get the latest info on rates, qualifying & ways to make your mortgage work for you
Ready to learn more?
Get the latest info on rates, qualifying & ways to make your mortgage work for you